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No problem, i thank you anyway.

Take care of yourself.

Be good ;)

PS: Allways you can ask questions about my scripts, plugins and apps.

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I thank you for your kind donation.
Coding is good. 
Be good, take care ;) 

PS: Allways ask questions about my scripts, plugins and apps. C U.

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WordPress v 4.9.6:17 nav-menu css styles of ul, ol overlaps with Bootstrap v2.2.1 ul,ol style definition overlaps.

WP navigational submenus shifted right by 25px. This will be looking unharmful but not handsome.

Not a good solution but i made the ul, ol margins to a comment line in Bootstrap and bypass the problem.


ol {
  padding: 0;
  /*margin: 0 0 0px 25px;*/
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In phpstorm, if you are working with multiple databases in same project schemas are cached by PHPStorm. This may cause some confusions when you are writing queries inside your code. Autocompletion may false you. If you want to switch datasource and need autocompletions from this source you need to clear cache.
To do so: Click DataBase tool, Select your last active database (click on the name of it) and right click to open context menu (DataBase Tools) and click "Forget Database Schemas" . 
After that re-sync database and select the schema you choose.

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PHPExcel, PHPSpreadSheet, Zip->Close(), fopen() etc. and popular "permission denied in" centences. It is very problematic to tune up Linux security configs. If you cannot write a file in PHP.
I am not a system guy, I am a developer.
Any way risky but try (before search) "chcon" . Give your target path with the commands below.

chcon -R -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t /path

Have a look at: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/unable-to-create-a-file-in-php

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